5 Tips to Find Reputable Italian Greyhound Breeders – Everything You Need to Know

Probably one of the most asked questions on Instagram is: “Which breeder did you get Nello from”? And as much as we would like to tell everyone, it really won’t help you much as Nello’s breeder is not planning on having another Italian Greyhound litter.

So while you won’t be able to get a puppy from Nello’s breeder, we can at least help you find other reputable Italian Greyhound breeders. Therefore we have put together all the information on this topic we could possibly think of to hopefully support everyone who is currently looking for a breeder to get an Iggy puppy from. Ready? Let’s go!

Why Is It So Important to Find a Good Breeder?

Breeders have a lot of responsibility and a huge impact on the puppies’ lives. Therefore it is so important to get a puppy from a reputable breeder and not just anyone:

  • Good socialization – The first few weeks of a puppy’s life are decisive when it comes to socialization. A lot of what they learn while they are still with the breeder will determine how they will be like later on in life and how much trouble they may cause you. When being confronted with all kinds of sounds, smells and situations, they won’t have many issues later on. For example when the breeder takes them on car rides, they probably won’t mind being in the car. Or the sound of a vacuum cleaner will be less scary if they’ve already heard it multiple times before. On the other hand, any bad experiences may cause problems that will be almost impossible to get rid of. 
The more exploring a puppy can do the better.
  • Health issues – There are health issues amongst the breed that responsible breeders know of and will try to eliminate. 
  • Regular updates – Lastly, a good breeder will give you regular updates on how the puppies are doing so you can be part of their life from day one on – as you will probably be dying to bring the little pup home.

What Makes a Good Italian Greyhound Breeder?

  • Health as number one priority – A good breeder will put the puppies’ health as their number one priority (over looks and performance and everything else). They will do lots of health screenings which they will be happy to show you to prove their dogs are healthy. 
  • Low number of litters per year – A good breeder is not doing it for the money but because they actually love the breed so much. Therefore they only have a few litters (not more than two or three) each year. 
  • Treats dogs with respect– A good breeder treats their dogs with respect. Their dogs are part of the family and not given away when they are too old to have more litters. They also give their dogs enough time to recover after a litter.
  • Lets you visit their facility – A good breeder will let you visit their facility to see where the puppies are born and raised. They won’t mind you meeting their dogs.
A good breeder will let you visit the facility and meet the puppies
  • Wants to find out more about you – A good breeder wants to ensure their puppy will have the best life possible. They won’t just sell their puppies to the first person who shows up with cash in hand. Therefore they will want to find out whether the puppy is a good match for you and ask you lots of questions.
  • Will answer all of your questions – At the same time they will be happy to answer all of the questions you might have about the breed and life with an Iggy. 
  • Won’t give away the puppies too soon – A responsible breeder won’t give away the puppies before they turn 8 weeks old because they will still need their mother until that age. Only bad breeders will want to get rid of the puppies as soon as possible to save money (and time as puppies are a lot of work too!).
  • Not so important: Show results – Unless you want a show dog, results from dog shows or sport events won’t be the most important criteria. 

Where to Start Looking for Italian Greyhound Breeders

  • Other Italian Greyhound owners – The best way to find reputable Italian Greyhound breeders is to ask other Iggy owners where they got their puppy from. This way you can ask them about their experiences and maybe even get to meet their dog to see what their personality is like.
  • Breeder referral search – Another way to find Italian Greyhound breeders is to look online. There are lots of kennel organization websites that list registered breeders in your area. In the United States for example, you can search for local club breeder referral officers on the AKC website. Simply select the breed and the state you live in in the dropdown menu and you will get the contact details of the local kennel clubs to reach out to. In Germany, you will find a map with all the registered breeders on the website of the DWZRV.
  • Dog shows – Another way to get in touch with breeders is to visit dog shows. Dog shows are like the breeders’ marketing platform and a very good way to get in touch with all kinds of dog people. Besides you will be able to see many different types of Iggies.
  • Google search – Also Google can be helpful to find breeder websites but keep in mind that not all breeders (especially smaller kennels) have their own website.
  • Facebook/Instagram – Some breeders have a Facebook or Instagram page where you can not only reach out to them but you may even get private insights on how the puppies are raised. 
Puppy fever

How to Reach Out to Italian Greyhound Breeders – Dos and Don’ts When Getting in Touch 

Italian Greyhounds usually only have two to five puppies per litter. With rise in demand breeders have lots of people to choose from. 

To increase your chances to get a puppy from a reputable breeder you will have to stand out. Put yourself in the breeder’s perspective: what are they looking for in a puppy owner? Of course they want their puppies to have the best life possible.

So treat the whole process like a job application. Introduce yourself and give them some information about yourself.

  • Where do you live? (Do you have a back yard?)
  • Where do you work? (Will the puppy be alone for a long time?)
  • Who is part of your family? (Do you have children or other dogs?)
  • Why do you want an Italian Greyhound? 
  • Why do you want to get a puppy from them?
Henlo, who dis?

Never just ask for the price of a puppy or a certain color right away. Don’t lie to the breeder about your current situation.

Even if they don’t have a litter at the moment, reach out to them. This way you will already be in a good position. Once you know them better, you can even ask them to contact you when they have puppies.

If possible, even try to meet them in person. This way you will be able to build a better relationship with them than just over mail or phone.

Avoid These 3 Mistakes When Looking for Italian Greyhound Breeders

  1. Don’t get a puppy only because you think they are cute – Getting a dog comes with so much responsibility. Make sure, an Italian Greyhound is the right breed for you. Getting a pet should never be an overnight decision.
  2. Don’t get a puppy from a puppy mill or pet shop – Just don’t, okay?
  3. Watch out for puppy scammers – We’ve heard that there are scammers out there who use photos they found on Instagram to pretend they are selling them (even though they are actually not). Be careful if someone is making you pay upfront without giving you any further information or the possibility to see the dog first.

Conclusion on Finding Italian Greyhound Breeders – Take Your Time for Proper Research

You know now what to look for in a breeder and how to find responsible Italian Greyhound breeders.

Just take your time and do proper research, then you will soon have your own perfect little pup that will turn your world upside down.