5 Pros & Cons of Owning Two Italian Greyhounds And What to Consider

Just like many Italian Greyhound owners, we have thought about adding a second Iggy to our family. Why we have decided to wait a little longer and what pros and cons come with owning two Italian Greyhounds, we will share with you in this blog post!

We’ve only ever had one Iggy, therefore these thoughts come from the perspective of a one-dog household. However, as we often have Italian Greyhounds and other dogs over for a few days or weeks when their owners are on vacation, we did experience what it would be like with two.

That being said – let’s dive deeper into the topic and compare the pros and cons of owning two Iggies!

The Pros of Owning Two Italian Greyhounds

  • Less Separation Anxiety – The number 1 reason why many people decide to get another dog is this one: It helps with separation anxiety, which can be a huge deal for Iggies. Italian Greyhounds tend to be very clingy little dogs that want to join you everywhere you go. However, this is not always possible and there will be times where you will either have to find a dog sitter or have to leave them home alone. If you own two Iggies, they will keep each other company and therefore, leaving them home alone will usually be a lot easier.
  • Great Fun – If you’ve ever seen two Italian Greyhounds together, you know they love nothing more than being with their own kind. They absolutely love playing and cuddling together – it’s just something you as a human can’t give them, even if you spend a lot of time with your Italian Greyhound. Together, they will expend so much more energy than they would ever with a human. Having a pet companion can also boost their mental health.
Does it get cuter than this?
  • Less Focus on the One – If you have more than one dog, you automatically focus less on that one dog, as you will have to spread your attention equally. This can be beneficial especially if you are a big worrier and sometimes even focus too much on little things. Besides, it is also good to know you have two dogs in case something happens to one of them.
  • Easier to Raise – Getting a second Italian Greyhound will be a lot easier than the first one. Firstly, you’ve already been through it all and know how things work (even though all dogs are different of course and there will still be a lot of “firsts”). Secondly, your older dog will teach the new one so much which is why raising them will be a lot easier. But be careful: They also pick up the bad habits quickly 😉 
  • Double the Joy in Your Life – The love of an Italian Greyhound is unique and truly special. By adding another Iggy to your family, you will bring extra joy to your life!

The Cons of Owning Two Italian Greyhounds

  • More Work Overall – Two dogs will keep you busy throughout the day. One of them always needs something (go potty, food, …). They make more chaos in the house, both want to be trained and groomed and need your attention. The overall handling of two dogs on a leash can be challenging as well. Do you have the time to give both of them what they need?
With two Iggies, the leashes get tangled up all the time!
  • More Expenses – Owning two dogs is twice as expensive. Expect doubled costs everywhere: Vet bills, dog food and insurance spendings. 
  • More Difficult to Bring on Vacation – If you like traveling with your Italian Greyhound, then a second Iggy will probably make things a bit more difficult. Some hotels only accept one pet, on trains, sometimes only one dog travels for free, you can usually only bring one dog per person in the cabin on a plane…At the same time, if you decide to go on vacation without your dogs, it will be more difficult to find someone you trust who will take care of two dogs. 
  • Everything Revolves Around the Dogs – If you have two dogs, then your overall focus in life shifts completely to your dogs. The more dogs you have, the harder it will be for you to focus on other things. Also, not all of your friends (or even your partner) will agree on your lifestyle, because maybe not everybody loves dogs as much as you do. This of course is no problem for you if you love dogs and your life with dogs, but it’s just something to consider before it’s too late.

When Is the Best Time to Get a Second Italian Greyhound?

As long as you are still struggling with your first Italian Greyhound, we don’t recommend getting a second one. As mentioned before, the new Iggy will learn a lot from the other one and you may have double the problems. For the same reason, we would not recommend getting two puppies at the same time. Unless you are very experienced (and even then), it will just be too much work.

At first, work on your relationship with your Iggy until you have built a strong relationship that you fully trust in. Usually, at two to three years old, Italian Greyhounds calm down a lot – so this would be the best time to start thinking about getting a second one. At the same time, they are still playful at this age to enjoy a puppy’s company. The older they get, the more difficult it may be to get them used to each other – but of course it’s never impossible if you are willing to put in the effort.

We will probably wait a little longer as we love our life with Nello the way it currently is so much. 

Louis stayed with us for a week and they became the best friends

Conclusion: Under the Right Circumstances a 2nd Italian Greyhound Can Be a Great Addition to Your Family 

It doesn’t matter whether you are bringing home your first Italian Greyhound, or thinking about adopting a second one: Take your time and think it through carefully, so you and your Italian Greyhound(s) will be happy with your decision. If you truly want something, you can make it work – and you will make it work!