Fashionable & Functional Italian Greyhound Clothes: Our Favorite Iggy Clothing Brands

Italian Greyhounds need clothes in winter. Unlike other dogs they hardly have any fur or fat to protect them from the cold. So Italian Greyhound clothes are not just a fashion item, they are definitely necessary! But of course we also can’t deny that Iggies look incredibly cute in clothes.

There are quite a few websites that offer clothes for Italian Greyhounds. Some are big brands, others small manufacturers. 

If you are looking for cute outfits for your Italian Greyhound, you’ve come to the right place. As we receive many messages on Instagram regarding Nello’s clothes, we’ve put together a list of some of the brands we’ve bought from with links to our favorite items so you can get them too. 

Finding the right size is always a bit tricky, as the fit will vary depending on the materials used and your Italian Greyhound’s physique. On most websites, you will find a size chart. But we will also tell you which size we got for Nello. For reference: He is 4.2 kg and 36 cm to the withers. If you are unsure about sizing, we recommend reaching out to the brands for help.

This blog post is not sponsored in any way and only includes products we genuinely love. So let’s get started!

1. DG Doggear Basic Raincoat – Functional Italian Greyhound Clothing

One of our favorite Iggy clothing brands is DG Doggear. We got Nello’s very first winter coat from them. 

It’s a Czech company that focuses on functional clothing. If you are into that, you should definitely check them out! Everything we got from DG Doggear (and it’s been almost 10 items so far) was high quality. Even after washing their products many times, they still look brand new.

Basic Raincoat by DG Doggear

One of our favorite items from DG Doggear is the Basic Raincoat. You can get it in many different colors. The one Nello is wearing is an older model but they currently have a newer version that looks a lot like Nello’s.

You can get it here → 

Nello wears size S1.

2. Hundessa Fleece Winter Jacket – Fashionable Clothes for Italian Greyhounds (And Other Dogs)

Next up is Hundessa. Hundessa is a German brand for dog clothing and dog accessories.

If you like elegant dog coats, Hundessa is just for you. 

Fleece Winter Jacket by Hundessa Hundemode

We love the fleece winter jacket which you can get in many different colors. It perfectly covers the most sensitive areas of your Italian Greyhound such as the belly and the neck without restricting your dog’s range of motion at all.

With cute details like the buttons on each side it doesn’t only keep your Italian Greyhound warm but it will also make your Iggy the most fashionable dog in town!

Nello is wearing the color “toffee” with gold buttons.

You can get it here → 

They have a special size range for Italian Greyhounds. Nello wears “Iggy Spezial Größe 1”, but the 2 AA from the normal size range also works for him.

Tip: The website is German but they ship worldwide. If you use Google Chrome browser you can use the translator to navigate through the website.

3. Sofadogwear Kelly IG Snow – Your Lifesaver in Winter

For super cold snowy days Nello wears a snowsuit.

Kelly IG Snow by Sofadogwear

We have the Kelly IG Snow from Sofadogwear that protects him from the cold perfectly. It’s not only super warm and soft inside, but the material is also wind- and waterproof. When Nello wears this outfit, we can go on long walks even on the coldest winter days. Just be aware that it may take a while until your Iggy is comfortable wearing a snowsuit.

You can get it here → 

Nello wears size XS2.

4. Harvoola Teddy Vest – The Perfect Item for Layering

If you like cute and funny outfits, then the next one is a must-have: The Teddy Vest from Harvoola.

Teddy Vest by Harvoola

It’s perfect for layering and great on top of a light jumper or onesie.

People can’t help but smile when they see Nello wearing this outfit. Happiness guaranteed!

Get your dose of happiness here → 

Nello wears a size S.

5. The Trendy Whippet Fluffy Jumper – The “Couch Potato Sweater”

Last but not least our favorite outfit for lazy couch days: The Fluffy Jumper from The Trendy Whippet. 

Fluffy Jumper by The Trendy Whippet

It’s super warm and comfy and just perfect for a lazy winter day. As it’s cut quite loose Nello only wears it inside the house. 

You can get it here →

Nello wears a size S but it’s more of an oversized look for him.

Conclusion on Our Favorite Iggy Clothing Brands –  An Outfit for Every Occasion

Buying clothes for your Iggy can get quite addicting…Trust us, we’ve been there. We started out with only one winter coat and now Nello probably has enough outfits to wear a different one each day.

Of course there are many amazing brands out there and this is just a small selection of our favorites. If you have any other recommendations or want us to test a product, feel free to reach out using our contact form.