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  • Find out if an Italian Greyhound is the right breed for you! We will talk about breed traits & characteristics, common health issues and more.
  • Do you have the personality of an Italian Greyhound owner? Answer some of the most important questions before you bring home your own Iggy.
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2. Lesson 2: Finding a Breeder

  • Lesson 2 is all about finding a responsible breeder. Why is it so important, what makes a good breeder and most importantly, how will you find a good breeder?
  • Learn what the biggest red flags are and how to reach out to a breeder if you’ve found “the one”.
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3. Lesson 3: Iggy prep

  • We are getting closer to the most exciting day. But before you bring home your Iggy puppy, you need to prepare!
  • Find out how to make your house Italian Greyhound puppy safe and what to buy before your Iggy moves in.
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4. Lesson 4: The First Steps

  • The day has finally come – you are bringing home your puppy! But what do you need to keep in mind when you are picking up your Italian Greyhound? 
  • We’ll also talk about what to consider after you’ve brought home your Iggy on the first day home, during the first few nights and the first couple of weeks.
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  • This course wouldn’t be complete without a few words on Italian Greyhound specific training.
  • We will cover topics like potty training, separation anxiety and helping your Iggy become confident and well socialized.
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