Feel good manager

This is my mom, Maxi. She is obsessed with dogs and especially Iggies. She is the one who wanted to get me and convinced dad (So glad she did!). We are together pretty much 24/7. I’m kind of like her shadow. She goes on walkies with me and she is the one who trained me to become the good boy I am.


This is me, Nello a.k.a. the boss of the house. I’m a 5 y/o 4.3 kg Italian Greyhound from Germany. I’m very social and confident. I love humans and dogs (no matter how big they are) and enjoy long walkies off leash (as long as it’s not raining). I hate veggies (especially carrots, ew) and flies (super scary).

Treat assistant

And this is my dad, Tobias. He’s the one that always gives me food off the table (even when mom says no). But the guys in the house have to stick together, right? He is in charge of the fun stuff – cuddling, playing and just hanging out. When mom and I are lucky, he even joins on some of our walks.

About our mission

What Is Thelifeofnello About

I’m here to make you happy. And I know I have the power to do so. Why? Studies have shown that even small interactions with dogs cause the human brain to produce oxytocin, a hormone often referred to as the “cuddle chemical”.

Life can be stressful and challenging sometimes but I want you to feel the same joy my hoomans get to feel every day because of me. And trust me, I have lots and lots of love to give!

How We Contribute to the Community

But making you happy is not my only task in life. I want to help Iggy owners and those considering to let an Iggy into their life to be the best Iggy parents they can be so every Iggy can live a happy life like I do – because we deserve it!

Iggies are not normal dogs. We build the strongest relationships with our hoomans, are super sensitive, quite clever and cute – which is why we can get away with almost everything. But it is important that we are trained in a way that we understand.

When raising an Iggy (or any dog) there are things that can go wrong which can cause problems you will have to deal with your whole (Iggy) life. But the good news is: those problems can easily be prevented – with the right preparation and knowledge.

I know you have lots of questions and getting advice from someone who has already been through it all can be super helpful. So that’s what we’re here for!

Real Know-how from +20 Years of Experience

Of course I’m not perfect (but almost hehe) and everybody has their own “ideal” of what a perfect dog should be like. But if you want your Iggy pup to be potty trained, able to run off leash in safe areas and to be confident like me, we can help you to get there.

My mom grew up with sighthounds and she has been through the process of raising a puppy many many times before. So she knows all the tricks that she can now share with you.

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To find out more, check out our blog, where we will cover all the important topics from potty training, to recall training and common health issues amongst the breed.

If you want to prepare for your own Italian Greyhound, avoid typical mistakes and build a strong relationship with your dream dog, sign up for our video course “The Italian Greyhound Masterclass”!