Italian Greyhound Clothes – The Iggy Fashion Guide for Sweaters, Coats and Onesies

Unless you live in a country where it’s always super warm, your Italian Greyhound will need clothes. Not only do Iggies look super cute wearing clothes but they are also essential to keep your little Italian Greyhound comfortable in the colder months.

This guide is for everybody who wants to find out more about Italian Greyhound clothing. Why do Iggies need clothes, when do they need clothes and what type of clothes do they need? Read on to find all the answers (and many cute photos).

But be careful: While you actually only need a few items, it is quite likely that you will develop some kind of an “Iggy clothes addiction” – they are just way too cute. 

Why Do Italian Greyhounds Need to Wear Clothes?

Italian Greyhounds need to wear clothes because they get cold easily. But not only do they get cold, they can get a cold too! Why?

  • low body fat – Due to their natural physique, Iggies have very low body fat.
  • short coat – In addition, they have a super short coat and no undercoat at all to keep them warm. 

When Do Italian Greyhounds Need to Wear Clothes?

Some people think Italian Greyhounds need to wear clothes when they are shaking. But that’s not necessarily the case. In fact, Iggies shake out of many reasons and shaking doesn’t always mean they are cold. They shake out of excitement, fear or just because they are dramatic (which is often the case…) 

So as a rule of thumb your Iggy will need to wear clothes when you need a thin jacket, too. Of course every dog is different but we recommend putting clothes on

  • when it’s below 10°C (50°F)
  • when it’s very windy
  • when it’s raining
  • when it’s a bit chilly and you are planning on going for a longer walk (and your Iggy will be on the leash and not be able to run to warm up)

What Type of Clothes Do Italian Greyhounds Need?

Technically, you will only need 2-3 different outfits. A warm winter coat, a sweater and a rain jacket are the essentials. If you want to invest more and have a little variety in your Iggy’s wardrobe, here are some examples of what clothing items you can get for your Iggy (…It will never be enough 😉 ).

Winter coats for Italian Greyhound – The No. 1 essential clothing item

A winter coat is the most important piece of clothing for your Italian Greyhound. It will help keeping your Iggy warm in winter.

Italian Greyhound in a winter coat

Sweaters for Italian Greyhound – A different style for every occasion

On some chilly days in fall or spring or even winter, a sweater might come in handy. In fact, it’s always a good idea to always bring a sweater with you when you leave the house – you never know if you might need it.

Here are some of our favorite styles:

  • Stylish wooly sweater for every day walkies
Italian Greyhound in sweater
Italian Greyhound in sweater
  • Oversized fluffy jumper (pyjama) to wear at home
Italian Greyhound in fluffy jumper
  • Cute turtleneck with front legs for the Steve Jobs look
Italian Greyhound turtle neck
  • Windproof jumper in softshell material for windy weather
Italian Greyhound Soft Shell Sweater

Italian Greyhound Raincoat – For walkies in rainy weather

Another Iggy essential is a raincoat. Iggies hate the rain. Some will even refuse to go outside when it is raining. Putting a raincoat on will definitely make it easier for them.

Italian Greyhound raincoat

Italian Greyhound Onesie – Keeping all four legs warm 

On colder days, a onesie will be a very good option as it will also keep their little legs warm. But not every Iggy likes wearing them and it might take some getting used to.

Italian Greyhound onesie

Italian Greyhound Snowsuit – For long winter walks 

We also have a snowsuit for really cold weather. It is super soft and fluffy inside and waterproof on the outside. With this on, cold weather will never be an excuse anymore. Besides, we always know where Nello is when he is wearing his red Ferrari outfit 😉

Italian Greyhound snowsuit

But you can also use layering to make your Iggy’s outfit warmer. Nello sometimes wears a onesie and a winter jacket on top or a thin sweater underneath a onesie.

If you want to know where to get some of these outfits, check out our blog post on our favorite Iggy brands!

Do Italian Greyhounds Need to Wear Boots in Winter?

To make the winter outfit complete, some people even get little booties for their Italian Greyhounds. It’s hard to say if that is really necessary and it’s definitely one of those controversial topics. 

In our opinion there is no right or wrong here, it really depends on where you live.

Generally booties are necessary, when

  • you live in an area where they put salt on the streets (which may damage their paw pads) 
  • it gets super cold where you live (and by “super cold” we mean -15°C/5°F or less).

What’s Important When Buying Italian Greyhound Clothes? Three Things to Keep in Mind

When buying clothes for your Iggy the following things are important:

  • The right size – Of course, Italian Greyhound clothes should be the right size for your dog. Good clothes don’t restrict your dog’s movement. Make sure the outfit is not too tight and there is enough room around the chest. We would recommend to only get clothes that are specifically designed for Italian Greyhounds.
  • Good quality – Also it makes sense to invest more in good quality clothes and only have a few outfits instead of buying many low quality ones. Not only will they last longer (even after washing them) but they will also feel better for your Iggy.
  • Pee Proof – When you have a male Italian Greyhound we will promise you this will be a problem. It’s almost inevitable they will pee on themselves. But when the cut-out on the belly is big enough chances are better they won’t (as much).

Italian Greyhound Puppy Sweater – Are There Any Clothes for Italian Greyhound Puppies?

If you get your puppy during the colder season you will probably also need clothes for them. The problem here is: They grow out of them so fast that it really is a waste of money buying many clothes when they will only wear each piece a few times.

You can buy clothes they will grow into, but that’s not always the perfect solution.

Just too big

So here’s our tip: Make your own puppy sweater! You don’t have to be a pro designer for that. All you need is

  • a warm sock or a sleeve from a hoodie you don’t need anymore (depending on how small your puppy is) and 
  • scissors.

Just cut two holes in it for the little legs and voilà, there you have your little puppy sweater that looks super cute and will keep your puppy warm.

Do-it-yourself Italian Greyhound puppy sweater

How to Make my Italian Greyhound Comfortable with Wearing Clothes – Getting Used to it Step-by-step

Some Italian Greyhounds are not a big fan of wearing clothes. In case your dog is one of them or they are still a puppy, you will have to get them used to it step-by-step. 

Start out with clothing that is easy to put on, for example a coat that you just put over their head and where you don’t have to put the legs through. 

Perfect outfit to practice putting on clothes

Place them on your lap and put the coat over their head. Praise them when they are holding still and give them a treat once they have it on. Don’t leave the coat on for too long. Take it off and put it back on a few times a day until they get bored of it – that’s the goal! It will get easier every time.

Once they are okay with that you can do the same with jumpers and other clothes where you have to put their legs through. Repetition and lots of treats is key!

What’s the Downside of Italian Greyhounds Clothes? 

Something you should know is that wearing clothes often can affect your Italian Greyhound’s coat. Some fabrics and cuts will lead to 

  • dry and flaky skin
  • hair thinning out and bald spots (especially when their clothes are too tight)
  • allergies and pimples.

So just keep an eye out for that and only make your Iggy wear clothes when it’s really necessary!

Conclusion on Italian Greyhound Clothes – Cute and Essential to Keep your Iggy Comfortable in Winter

Italian Greyhounds need clothes when it’s cold, windy or rainy. There is a huge variety of outfits available that will keep them warm and happy.

Make sure you get clothes they fit your Italian Greyhound well and you are good to go! And don’t forget to take lots of photos, they will look super cute, too.